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Gabe Matthews, rich, tall, and dominant in bed, compartmentalizes everything, including his relationships with women.

He cannot believe his luck when Aelin Thorne, the woman who nearly killed his brother and whose picture he’s been carrying in his wallet appears in his life. He’s determined to get revenge and what better way than hire her for the renovation of his childhood home?


Aelin is a rising interior designer for whom the quality of a kiss decides the fate of the men she dates. When she meets Gabe, she embraces her strong attraction to him and soon they’re setting the sheets on fire.

The first problem is that he’s been blaming Aelin for things perpetrated by another woman—Aelin’s sister. The second problem? His own heart.

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The second I enter the club, —aptly named The Club because someone forgot to take their creativity pill that day—, I know I’m out of my depth. Like way out. Like another galaxy far, far away out. But everything here is refined, exciting. And safe. Caid Michaels, one of the co-owners, is a Dom in every way and the sexiest man I’ve ever met. So, after falling into his mesmerizing eyes, I take a chance.

And crash. Hard.

The night Ava Lawson, another delicate princess in search of a kinky thrill that’ll save her from her sheltered, pampered life, approaches me, I turn her down.

I’m no-one’s savior and I bear the scars to prove it.

But Ava needs saving. She’s held prisoner in her own life. And that simply won’t do.

My mission is simple: keep her close until she’s free then send her back to her bubbled vanilla life.

I prepare for every contingency.

Except for one: Her.




I’m a cliché. Fourteen years ago, I was a poor, small-town girl who fell hard for Saxton Cavendish, the richest man of the county. But what I thought was the beginning of my fairy tale was just a summer fling to him.

Saxton is Were, a Direwolf soon to become the alpha of his very secluded pack.

I didn’t know it at the time, but now he’s exactly the person I need to find the Great Sorcerer. The man I’ve been living with and the most powerful Meteran known to mankind.


After fourteen years, Jade Channings walks her mouth-watering scent into my security firm and has the nerve to ask me to find the man she left me for.

I don’t care much for magic-weavers, but since she vanished, I have questions. And Jade Channings owes me answers.

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