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Ava from Five of Clubs

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

When I started writing Five of Clubs, I had the storyline in mind, but I needed the perfect setting to frame Ava's turning point.

I really liked the idea of a sub-world outside of the confines of mainframe society with its own set of rules and -dare I say- ethics, that would challenge her taught and learnt beliefs.

First, I thought of an MC. But I quickly dropped the idea when I realized how much I didn't know about this world.

After many iterations. Many... My only persistent, obsessive thought was a scene where she, a huge-hearted but lonely soul, would be surrounded by caring, albeit broken in their own ways people who would tell her she was accepted for who she was.

So, when they say, "You're one of us," she would truly feel that sense of belonging she had lost, and say, "I am?"

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